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Piano Tuning Services

Tuning your piano is just one part of what I offer when it comes to piano servicing. As a trained piano technician I am qualified to make all repairs necessary to have you playing your piano in no time.


Piano Tuning

A piano is like a car, to keep it playing well it needs to be looked after. Getting your piano tuned regularly (at least every twelve months) will help it stay in tune and improve its sound.

When I tune your piano it will be entirely by ear. Tuning by ear is recognised as the only way to get the best sound out of your piano.

If you think your piano needs tuning please get in touch - click here or call 0468 396 715.



From time to time, parts of your piano may require repair. This could be a broken string, a damaged ivory or a stuck key.

Sydney’s temperate climate and houses near the water’s edge can give rise to situations in which moisture levels can damage your piano. To help combat the effects of moisture, a dehumidifying system can be fitted to your piano to help regulate moisture levels in and around your piano. Alternative fixes can also be made which we can discuss in more detail.


Voicing and Regulation

Voicing (tone regulation) doesn’t just improve the tone quality of your piano, it will also greatly improve your ability to create dynamic contrast in your playing.

This is further assisted by regulation (mechanical adjustment) of your keyboard and action. With inconsistently light or heavy keys you might be fighting your piano rather than playing it.

The maintenance of the touch and quality of tone is the most neglected part of piano servicing. Voicing and Regulation, after tuning, are the most important parts of piano servicing after tuning. Please contact me about these services whether you are an aspiring musicians, a seasoned performer or just someone who wants their piano to sound the best it can.